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Philanthropy is goodwill to fellow members of the human race.  TDO can ensure your strategic plan includes a goal to build goodwill and a culture of philanthropy through a donor-centered approach. TDO is a full-service organization providing fundraising insight, board governance, and strategic planning for Non-profits/ NGOs, faith based and educational organizations. TDO will work with your board and staff to donor relations and stewardship activities.

  • Major gifts
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Annual Giving
  • Planned Giving
  • Special Events
  • Feasibility Studies

Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

Effective organizations embrace a culture of philanthropy. Research shows that an organization’s culture dramatically affects its effectiveness. Groups within a larger organization may have different cultures or subcultures. Corporate culture impacts all individual, groups, and activities throughout your organization. A culture of philanthropy refers to your organization’s attitude toward philanthropy efforts and fundraising. Organizations that operate with a culture of philanthropy understand three things: the value of organizational culture, the importance of philanthropy, and the inextricable link between philanthropy and fund development. Why is a culture of philanthropy so important? Because philanthropy is not just about raising money. Philanthropy is part of the mission of the nonprofit/NGO corporation.

  • Organizational Leadership
  • Employee Participation
  • Board Participation

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