About Us

mapThe changing dynamics of organizations requires us to think differently to address today’s complex organizational needs. Total Dynamic Organization is ‘People Focused Organizations Impacted’ as it is through the people that our greatest impact is made.

Total Dynamic Organization, LLC strives to decrease the widening gap of inequality. Businesses can have a greater impact on society and in decreasing the gap of inequality while positively impacting their organization. Total Dynamic Organization (TDO) strives for win-win situations for organizations, donors, partners, and key stakeholders.

TDO focuses on Philanthropy, Corporate Social Responsible and Organizational Culture including organizational change management, leadership, board governance, systems and processes, diversity and employee engagement to address organizational needs.

Customizable solutions created to meet your organization’s most pressing needs; we understand the challenges and opportunities. We are change agents providing tools in strategy and culture, and we provide the accountability you need to stay on task and achieve success.

We care about your organization, your key stakeholders including your employees, clients, and partners as well as your mission and the good work that you do. Our goal is to achieve mutually-agreed upon deliverables that will have a positive impact on your organization.


To engage key stakeholders to maximize organizational impact.


To create collaborative solutions for greatest organizational impact while positively impacting the community.